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Kaito and Zyrna by Lunareth Kaito and Zyrna by Lunareth
First Star Wars OTP :heart:

Kaito Merakih
Race:  Imperial human cyborg 
Class:  Sith Warrior / Lady Zyrna’s Pilot 
Colors:  Asian features, Indigo hair (sith ancestry) 
Build: Moderately athletic, physical strength augmented with artificial implants 
Remarkable features:  Prosthetic right arm and legs (below the knee), facial implant that extends from the nose to both ears (extension of prosthetic lungs and other organs).  Force lightning scars across the chest. 
World setting:  Star Wars The Old Republic

Kai’to never wanted to be a Sith.  He hates Sith.  The only thing he aspired to was the freedom of flying ships across the galaxy.

Attempts at hiding his inner potential and achieving his dreams as a pilot were all but set until his older sister, fresh from the Academy, saw him for what he was truly capable of.  More cunning than he, she set the stage for a confrontation he could not ignore.  Their meeting ended with her death, but in her words not something she regrets.  All she truly wanted was to set him on the path. His sister cut from him his right arm and legs, so that the only way he could stop her was with the force she knew he possessed.  As he lay dying, he was given the choice: go to the Academy, or be left to die.

At the Academy, Kai’to could not even care less about being sith.  Much of his accomplishments were done to spite the advancements of others, to the extreme that he even put himself in the company of those who would disrupt the status-quo the most.  One such peer was the Zyrna, a slave turned promising acolyte, with whom he shared a rival.  Their exploits, however brief, caught the eyes of two respected Sith Lords -- each with their own schemes in mind.

As Sith Lord Baras’ newly acquired apprentice, Kai’to was given a simple, yet demanding task:  Report on the activities of Lady Inquisitor Zyrna and her master, Sith Lord Zash.  Stealth and subterfuge not being skills that Kai’to possess, his brief acquaintance with Lady Zyrna during their time together at the Sith Academy granted a different opportunity.  Following the success of their joint assignment on Balmorra, Lady Zyrna was granted a new title and acquisition: a Fury-class Interceptor.  Kai’to readily agreed to be her pilot.  It’s the first and only time he eagerly agreed to do anything for his Master.

Kai’to never gave Lord Baras the respect he frequently demanded in their conversations. His rude snark and grumpy apathy towards his master’s ideas were always met with polite reprimands instead of the force-choking he knew he deserved.   Instead, he proved his worth through his unconventional successes as a tool to kill other Sith.  It was work that his Master believed Kai’to would easily comply with, which was true.  It also made Kai’to a disposable, expendable asset.  Who would question the adverse actions of such an improper sith, especially when they step out of line?

Like their days at the Academy, Kai’to and Zyrna worked together by putting their strengths first.  Kai’to pissed people off.  Zyrna found ways to put an end to them.  They equally manipulate each other to reach their desired ends.  A typical sith relationship, one that their masters believe will put an end to one or the other, proving which of their apprentices is the stronger one.  The apathetic cyborg, or the once-slave?

Despite being a technophile, Kai’to does not flaunt or boast about his cybernetic augmentations, preferring to not reveal how much he utterly relies upon them to survive.  His prosthetics were not voluntary and its own necessity disgusts him.  Just being a Sith disgusts him.

Sith Lord Baras trusts that his apprentice’s hate is what will keep his plan in line.

Kaito is the character of chocolate-rebel, not mine! Thanks for writing this decsription of his concept  Heart

Meet my characters: Zyrna Dhaesaen
Race/Class: sith/inquisitor
Colors/Built: red skin, plum hair, gold eyes/kinda buxom
Remarkable features: scarred back
World setting: Star Wars The Old Republic

Race/Class: sith pureblood/inquisitor
Colors/Built: red skin, plum hair, gold eyes, buxom body
Remarkable features: scarred back and wrists
World setting: Star Wars The Old Republic

Zyrna is a conqueror type, an achiever who is very willful about her goals.
She is from a high ranked family, but they were assasinated during a political conflict at her young age, and instead of being killed she was sold as slave. Those years steels her personality and she learns to fight her way through anything or anyone crossing her - last she earns her freedom again and become acolyte at the Academy of Korriban.
She immovably follows the sith code, but she doesn't respect people only for their ranks or bloodline - she learnt no one should take power granted, and she is ready to challange even the Masters.

Becoming the apprentice of Lord Zash find to her taste, even tho she never truly trust her, she admires the way Lord Zash play her cards. Zyrna greatly enjoys owning her own starship and searching for relics across the galaxy - plainly, she is establishing her own powers and the authority her family once lost.

She enjoys and amused by the company of Khem Val, and the equally grumpy and crabby pilot assigned to her ship -  Kaito. The more openly he hates her the more she has fun picking on him, going as far as moving in to his Tattooine estate and staying there between missions. Their teamwork has some good dynamics and learning each other's past slowly builds trust, making them less hostile by time - the differences in the way of seeing things remain heavy, tho. 
Zyrna is rather narcistic and supercilious, she openly enjoys power and having her own worshippers. She believes she deserve the best and finest of everything.  (Returning in-character joke is, that she wants statues of herself).

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